X-WING: Epic Fur-ball Round 1 – X-Wing Miniatures – SPG
At Play It Again, Concord NC USA

This is a team event. 2 person teams will go head to head in a 300 point epic swiss tournament, $25 entry per team. Combat will take place on a 3’x6′ play space. Each team must have and field at least 1 ‘epic’ ship in their 300 point list. Participation prizes, Placement prizes, and Door prizes. Venue opens at 9 am, Rules Briefing starts @ 9:30am, 1st round play begins no later than 10:00am.
Rules for lists:
130 pionts minimum must be assigned to the epic ship. Teams must run Imperial or Rebel.
Since the Scum faction doesn’t currently have an epic ship and we think it would be fun to still include them in the action, each team may use up to 100 points out of there 300 point total for Scum ship/pilots. Pilot and upgrade effects do not cross factions, though, to avoid game-breaking synergies. (Think of the scum ships as a self-contained merc unit that only buff each other).

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