SlingPaint Live – Berto on Why I like X-Wing Miniatures & More!


  1. This is why your vids are great, guys. You’re so damned real and normal :)…great segment, cool to hear the “back story”, thanks for posting.

  2. Hello Berto and Nymz,

    Love your X-Wing videos. I check your site regularly and watch some of your videos multiple times.
    I really appreciate your presentation; you and Nymz’ enthusiasm for the game is obvious, and I love how you guys interact, your weird asides and references, its clear you are friends, enjoy the game and each others company; my wife actually will watch over my shoulder some times just because of your personalities.
    I particularly like that your videos are a broad spectrum of interest; strategy, tactics, instructional, new releases, etc.
    I am a gamer and got into the game because of my nephew.
    I love Star Wars; saw the first one in the theater, but not a hard core fan; haven’t read the books or seen the TV or online series, but when shown the miniature game… I was in love.
    Use to play FITS (Fight In The Sky), a WWI dog-fighting game.
    Regularly go to Mall of America in Minneapolis Minnesota to do flight simulation for WWII dog-fighting; I prefer the P-47 Thunderbolt.

    My collection is now over-running my book shelves and floor space.
    I have Imperial, Rebel and Scum lists; follow some of the competitive coverage, but definitely a casual player; I don’t have much time for tournaments, and if an opportunity I’d rather play casual with nephew or friends.
    I actually built several of you and Nymz’ lists and played them; big fan of ‘Baby Blues’ but changed up to elite pilots.

    I would very much like to support your efforts, but I really prefer Team Covenant’s line of X-Wing accessories compared to your tokens.
    However, I an totally open to figuring out how to transfer some of my credits to you two because I so want to support your contributions.

    Loren Botner
    X-Wing Amateur