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For X-Wing, Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity. System Gaming personally handles every single sheet of MDF that goes into (and comes out of) the laser. If there’s anything wrong with it, it doesn’t go into the laser. In the rare instance that it does come through the laser well, it doesn’t get packed! So you’ll always receive complete and fully functional kits. 100% Slovenian handcrafted quality!

The XW Tournament Bundle includes:

SG Gaming Tray
XW Template Tray
XW Miniatures Tray
XW Tray Lid

BASE-0 – FULL TABLE BUNDLE is a laser cut MDF wargaming terrain set with a game mat. In this bundle you get:

Base-0 Game Mat
HQ Unit
Objective Unit
Habitat Unit 1
Habitat Unit 2
Level 1 Walkway
Level 2 Walkway
Storage Silo
Boxes & Containers

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