Thank you Radioactive712 for sending in your Rebel “Ghost Dad” list, here is the break down:

LISTS-Radioactive 712-Ghost Dad (100)
Kanan Jarrus — VCX-100 38
Fire-Control System 2
Twin Laser Turret 6
Lando Calrissian 3
Recon Specialist 3
Experimental Interface 3
Ghost 0
Ship Total: 55

Sabine Wren — Attack Shuttle 21
Crack Shot 1
Twin Laser Turret 6
Jan Ors 2
Phantom 0
Ship Total: 30

Prototype Pilot — A-Wing 17
Chardaan Refit -2
Ship Total: 15


  1. Tried something very close last night and got smoked! I think the Ghost is a ship that takes practice to fly. The shuttle does not get to use it’s abilities till undocked. I would pay more attention to asteroid placement and try to just put around slowly next time taking shots 360.