This crazy two ship list has been taking the meta by storm, in the right hands it is a deadly list, but has its weaknesses as well! Here is the list breakdown:

LIST-Dengaroo (DavidS) (98)
Manaroo — JumpMaster 5000 27
Push the Limit 3
“Gonk” 2
R5-P8 3
Feedback Array 2
Engine Upgrade 4
Ship Total: 41

Dengar — JumpMaster 5000 33
Lone Wolf 2
Plasma Torpedoes 3
Zuckuss 1
Overclocked R4 1
Glitterstim 2
Countermeasures 3
Punishing One 12
Ship Total: 57


  1. This is a hard list to play against. I used this list which i posted recently.

    Flew the list really slow 1s only and in formation and went straight after dengar. With biggs dengar had to focus on him and couldnt attack my big hitter nera or poe . I could tell he wanted poe gone, because used his pilot ability against poe which stop him focus firing. he also had marang join the fight instead of sitting back. Because he couldnt take the hard hitting nera out straight away he was taken off the board in round 3 with me losing biggs only. Marang was easy pickings after that. Was a scary start but hammering dengar and a regen ship was really helpful. here is a youtube video with a similar list as mine vs the dengar, marang list.