Check out this beginner’s guide to painting the Imperial Officer miniatures from Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures game by Sorastro.

0:41 – Steps Overview
1:12 – Prep ‘n’ Spray
1:38 – Base Color
3:54 – Dark Wash
5:27 – Highlight
10:51 – Finishing Touches

Paints & Brushes used:
-Citadel paints: Mechanicus grey, Kislev Flesh, Stegadon Scale Green, Mephiston Red, Nuln Oil, Runefang steel, Abaddon Black, Dark Reaper, ‘Ardcoat gloss Varnish, Reikland Fleshade, Dranekhof Nightshade, Thunderhawk Blue, Guilliman Blue, Waywatcher Green, Lahmian Medium, Celestra Grey, Caledor Sky, Administratum Grey
-Army Painter’s Uniform Grey Spray-on Primer.
-Testor’s Dullcote matt varnish.
-Pure kolinsky brushes by Windsor + Newton, and Rosemary + Co.