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Welcome aboard the shuttle tydirium podcast for episode 22!  This time, we’ll be talking about the recent Heroes of the Resistance preview featuring the T-70 X-wing pilots from episode seven, including one Nien Nunb, a true son of Sullust. We’ll also look at these new pilot abilities in the context of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.

One editor’s note – the audio for this episode is a little subpar; we had some problems with the recording after a software update.

Captain’s Question: 3:45

News:  14:45

Heroes of the Resistance in the Aturi Cluster: 45:20

B-Team, “Ragin’ Porkins” : 16:45

Don’t forget our contest!  Make pilot cards for each of our podcast crew, flying the shuttle tydirium, and submit them to our email at  We’ll be recording the episode where we pick winners on Thursday, Sept 29 around 8pm EST, and winners will be picked before then.  The winner will receive a storage box from Broken Token!

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