DESTINY PREVIEW: Spirit of Rebellion – HOLY CRAP! – Star Wars Destiny – SPG
FFG Article here:

Cards Spoiled:
Spirit of Rebellion Booster Pack
Supply Line
Chirrut Imwe – Blind Warrior
Death Trooper
Jyn Erso Reckless Operative
Personal Shield Upgrade Equipment
Force Lightning
Palpatine Galactic Emperor
Your Eyes Can Deceive You
Rebel Assault
Director Krennic Cruel but Brilliant
Never Tell me the Odds

Mentioned in Article:
Mon Mothma,

Star Wars: Destiny with the Spirit of Rebellion Booster Packs! Prepare for a new influx of cards in the second quarter of 2017.

Hungarian Display shows other new characters…
Old Ben Kenobi,
R2D2 support,
and Maz?

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