Sorastro’s beginner’s guide to painting the Infamous Boba Fett from Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures game. Nymz’s favorite Star Wars character, this painting is so detailed!

0:37 – Steps Overview
1:09 – Base Colors
7:52- Shading
10:00 – Highlights
19:00 – Finishing Touches

Citadel Paints and Brushes:
-Mechanicus Standard Grey
-Abaddon Black
-Celestra Grey
-Daemonette Hide
-Averland Sunset
-Ceramite White
-Sotek Green
-Mephiston Red
-Caliban Green
-Screaming Skull
-Mournfang Brown
-Castellan Green
-Stormvermin Fur
-Runefang Steel
-Yriel Yellow
-Evil Sunz Scarlet
-Administration Grey
-Emperor’s Children
-Elysian Green
-Loren Forest
-White Scar
-Casadora Yello
-Carroburg Crimson
-Athonian Camoshade
-Agrax Earthshade
-Nuln Oil
-Lahmian Medium
-Testor’s Dullcote matt varnish
-Pure kolinsky brushesby Rosemary + Co.