Sorastro’s beginner’s guide to painting the AT-ST miniature from Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures game. Man, this thing tutorial is insane, not to mention the awesome looking AT-ST!

0:41 – Steps Overview
1:19 – Prep ‘n’ Spray
2:09 – Base Color
4:11 – Dry Brush
6:20 – Black Wash
10:00 – Finishing Touches
13:22 – Base Texture

Paints used:
-Citadel paints: Mechanicus Standard grey, Leadbelcher, Stirland Mud, Nuln Oil, Runefang steel, Abaddon Black, Longbeard Grey, White Scar, Celestra Grey, Typhus Corrosion, Ryza rust, XV-88, Terminatus Stone.
-Army Painter’s Uniform Grey Spray-On Primer
-Testor’s Dullcote matt varnish
-Pure kolinsky brushes by Windsor + Newton, and Rosemary + Co.
-Silflor Tufts